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Practicing ZPoint brings clarity and peace of mind
on just about anything that may trouble you!

ZPoint is a Meditative Healing Process that can quickly bring you to a place of inner peace and emotional balance on virtually any subject or issue that may be upsetting you.

It does this by gently releasing your attachment to difficult or stressful feelings associated with difficult memories, situations, circumstances, relationships, ways of being or areas of life that aren't working the way you want them to.

It lets you move on with your life, to stop thinking about and bring resolution to the things that bother or upset you.

Dear Mr. Connolly,

I am doing Z point for 2 weeks now, I am having every time different visions during it. I saw myself walking in light road and on my left and right sides I saw all people and situations in my life till now that were painful. I saw my ex boyfriend with his wife and baby as I was walking I was feeling myself very light very detached from all this. I felt no pain no sorry. It was like I walk in my own hell. All was there but I was keep going and I was repeating my key word yes. The bad things and experiences were coming one after another. I saw it I felt detached and like this has nothing to do with me. At some point I was at the end of that road. It was nothing on my 2 sides and in front of me was only light. I raised my hands up in the air like when you are winner and I was shouting yesssss yessss yessss!!!!! I was feeling so light calm relaxed and good with myself:))))))))))))))))))))))))

Thank you for giving me this experience, your voice was there with me on the way. I will keep doing other z points


Polia from Cypress

Learning and Practicing ZPoint will allow you to:

  • Eliminate Stress, Upset & Bad Moods

  • Manifest More Happiness and Physical Wellbeing

  • Be a Better Friend, Lover, Spouse, Parent

  • Allow More Financial Abundance

  • Relieve Physical Pain & Achieve Optimum Health

  • Say Goodbye to Limiting Beliefs, Fears & Phobias

  • Help Your Children Improve School Performance And Behavior

  • Consciously Activate the Law of Attraction

  • Discover How to Make A Difference Globally

And the list goes on and on...

ZPoint does not require that you have or change any particular set of beliefs or religion or align with any particular spiritual practice.

It works strictly on an emotional level using a special new technique to help you release your attachment to difficult, intense, or unwanted emotions quickly, easily, and gently.

The idea is that everything, including thoughts and emotions, is basically energy in motion, and that by focusing our intention, we can affect and balance those energies in a positive way.

The assumption is that by bringing these energies back into balance, we allow body, mind and spirit to return to it's original blueprint for well-being and health. In effect, we release our attachment to strong emotions and associated thoughts that would block or impede that.

You can begin experiencing the benefits of this simple process almost immediately and the effects are cumulative. In fact, most people start feeling happier, more peaceful and more balanced right away.

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"Grant has created a simple but extremely effective energy therapy that deals with all sorts of stress and emotional challenges. I learned this ZPoint process from Grant 7 or 8 years ago and though I have researched and used for myself and clients many other therapies, still practice this therapy because it's so easy and fast." ~ Liz Temple, U.K.

How ZPoint Was Created

People often ask me how I came up with the idea for ZPoint. Here's an excerpt from a book I wrote about ZPoint that answers that question. ...

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What would YOU like freedom from?

YOU can FIND YOUR FREEDOM from a host of issues with ZPoint.

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A Case of the BUTs

How ZPoint works with the Law of Attraction to produce results...

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Your Invisible Servant

One of the hardest concepts for new ZPoint users is that it's SO EASY in a world filled with complexity.

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Below are special ZPoint Programs and Recordings to help you achieve emotional peace and freedom right away:

• ZPoint for Professionals and Others Training

Join like minded people & learn ZPoint directly from its creator and developer. You'll learn by doing and then practice what you've learned with your ZPoint partner.

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• ZPoint Eliminating Grief Program

Get help eliminating feelings of grief that cause you to lose your peace and balance and impact you in a negative way. Learn to easily and successfully resolve and move on from difficult losses in the past. Start having your new life today!

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• ZPoint Eliminating Anger Program

This program will help you to eliminate any built-up anger from the past and help you to live a life free of anger and frustration. Uncomfortable explosive build-up of anger can (and should) be a thing of your past. Find the peace you're looking for.

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• ZPoint Eliminating Worry Program

You don't have to be subject to difficult or strong worry feelings anymore. Learn how to eliminate worry from your life forever!

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• ZPoint Eliminating Fear Program

Get help eliminating the fears that stop you from being happy and peaceful and living the kind of life you want right now. This program shows you a simple, painless way to help you live a fear-free life forever.

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• ZPoint Eliminating Stress Program

Learn how to eliminate the harmful build-up of stress with this program designed to help you find relief no matter how difficult or long-term it's been for you.

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• The ZPoint Freedom from Sadness Program

Find freedom from thoughts and feelings that lead to feelings of sadness quickly and easily. Learn how to get over any sadness from situations, circumstances and relationships from the past and start having the happy, peaceful life you deserve.

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• ZPoint Eliminating Guilt Program

Eliminate strong or burdensome feelings of guilt quickly and easily. Learn how to get over any guilt from the past and start having the happy, peaceful life you deserve.

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• The ZPoint Eliminating Shame Program

Eliminate strong or burdensome feelings of shame or humiliation quickly and easily. Learn how to get over any shame from the past and start having the happy, peaceful life you deserve.

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