zpoint for peace

A Path to Peace and Profound Change.

"21 Days to Drop Your Emotional Baggage" Program

Each day for 21 Days...

... you will listen to very special and deeply relaxing and ZPoint Meditation. Each day you will have the opportunity to experience 30 minutes of deep peace and emotional balance. And, as you feel better and better, you will also be easily and naturally be guided to releasing old issues from the past that prevent you from more fully loving and accepting yourself and your life, just as it is right now.

Simply by listening to these Meditations and repeating your cue word, you will experience:

  1. A noticable and permanent shifting away from stress to ease in all areas of life.

  2. Sleeping better, waking more rested and refreshed.

  3. Decreased overall anxiety and worry. A noticeable and delightful feeling of deep unshakable calm more and more of the time.

  4. You'll start enjoying your life again. You get your MOJO back.

Daily Topics - You just listen and repeat your cue word...


... we'll use The ZPoint Process. ZPoint works and it's something special. It helps us let go of the reasons why we're unhappy, without having to figure out why we feel that way. We just release our attachment to to all of it and let it go.

Dear Grant,

"I Also grew up with an alcoholic father. My mother died of cancer when I was 10 and my grandmother who lived with us had dementia. I Grew up with at times debilitating anxiety.I now call it the fear of everything. I have spent a lot of time in therapy which has been very helpful in understanding why I feel the way I do, but it never made those feelings go away. I am now finishing the second set of sessions with you and I have found a peace that I have not been able to achieve with years of therapy. I am not the terrible unlovable person I always imagined myself (to be). I am okay my world is safe and I do deserve happiness and love. I have great hope for my future! I will be joining you by phone again in July...."

Carol Marvel
Indiana U.S

Dear Grant

I came across the ZPoint process after practicing other healing techniques such as EFT. I Found ZPoint to work in ways others could not and get to the core of my negative emotions. Being able to practice the technique as much as I liked at home was invaluable and eventually over a period of weeks I no longer needed to use the process. Thank you Grant and the divine inspiration that led you to invent this life changing tool.

Michael McCormack
Perth, Australia

Dear Grant

I love your recording(s) and have had much success with them, they really work, thanks again.

Best Regards, Jonathan Goldman

The value of what we offer is large but the cost is only...

... $97.00 $67.00 and you will have the opportunity to download and save all 21 Daily Healing Meditations (that's more than 10.5 hours) to your computer. Each Meditation is approximately 30 minutes long and will leave you feeling truly wonderful, day after day after day. And, the positive effects are cumulative; the more you listen, the more you benefit and the more you will 'lighten up' in all areas of your life.

This may be the best investment in yourself you've ever made.

PLUS as a no cost bonus we're including our delightfully relaxing Opening To Love recording by Grant Connolly, a 10 minute Audio Introduction to ZPoint and a short recording of special ZPoint affirmations.

- Dr. Irene Conlan - Producer/Host The Self Improvement Show says:

“Because I have experienced so many programs that didn't live up to their claims, I didn’t expect any immediately noticeable results. I thought they would be very subtle if noticeable at all. On about the fifth day, I became aware of an overwhelming feeling of well being unlike anything I have experienced before. It happened again a couple of times during the three weeks and that experience alone made it all worth wile. I find that I am less rattled by things that go wrong or are hard to accomplish. I can get more done in less time and the glorious feelings of peacefulness and well being persist.

I have experienced a lot of “self improvement programs” over the years, but this is by far the most beneficial. I highly recommend this program.”

Normally selling for $97.00 this truly life altering 21 Day Series is being offered for a limited time for only $67.00. To start finding true peace of mind in your life, click the link below RIGHT NOW...

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