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ZPoint Meditations - Allowing the Flow of Money

The purpose of these Meditations is to help you release your resistance to allowing more money to flow into your life. Strangely it's not being without money that really frightens most people, it's the fear that having money would change us into someone we wouldn't like.

Essentially each of the 3 Meditations that come with this program guide you to make peace with money and the idea of allowing more of it to come into your life. Your job is simply to listen to each recording and remember to repeat your cue word and allow the wonderful relaxation and peace of mind that ZPoint always brings.

As you listen to each of the 3 deeply relaxing recordings, ZPoint safely works at the deepest levels of your subconscious mind to gently release beliefs, attitudes and feelings that limit and confine you in ways that you may not even be consciously aware of. And the best part is ... all you have to do is to repeat your cue word as you listen to each recording. When you start feeling GOOD when you think about money, then money will start feeling good about you, and make a bigger place for itself in your life.

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