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A Path to Peace and Profound Change.

Daily Recordings - ZPoint 21 Days

A Daily Group Clearing intended to release the FIGHT or FLIGHT thinking our EGO thrives on and shifting from EGO to Heart Based Consciousness.

Below you will find an "Add to Cart" button that will give you access to a secret webpage with links to all 21 Days recordings as they become available.

Additional benefits include:

  1. increased feelings of self worth and self esteem
  2. increased self-confidence
  3. taking back control over how YOU CHOOSE to respond rather than how your EGO normally responds (fight, flee or avoid)
  4. an inner peace that manifests as a deep physical relaxation you can return to again and again
  5. shifting focus from the Ego's need to struggle to one of allowing and ease

The F.A.C.E. of ego is Fear, Attachment, Control, and Entitlement- the most vicious enemies of intimacy. If you would like to move past F.A.C.E. and start to really live your life from love, join us!

Previous ZPoint experience is not required, however, you are strongly encouraged to listen to the Intro to ZPoint recording available on the main page of www.zpointforpeace.com prior to joining us.

Please note that a recording of each session will be available if you can't join us live.

TO REGISTER for this weeks clearing please click the Add to Cart button below. The cost is $29.00 CAD. The next class starts promptly at 3pm Eastern (New York Time) on Sunday March 3rd, 2013 and lasts for about an hour. You need only bring yourself and remember to repeat your cue word.

The results are fully guaranteed. If you don't feel a benefit from this session, send me an email requesting a refund and I'll return your $29.00 immediately.

Or, if you have questions please email me at grant@zpointforpeace.com

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